L Curl Premade Volume Fans – Mixed Lengths

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L-curl premade fans are now available! These fans are unique—straight at the base with a bend that opens the eyes. The L curl design bonds well to natural lashes for long-lasting, beautiful results.

Suitable for straight or downward-growing natural lashes, they open the eyes. Ideal for clients with heavy or droopy eyelids, they lift and brighten. L Curl extensions define monolid eyes by creating a crease. Also, pre-made volume fans with 6 lashes create a 6D effect for efficient work.

The L shape strengthens the seal with natural lashes, improving extension adhesion and retention. For clients with straight or downward-growing natural lashes, the L Curl lifts lashes, enhancing the eye. L Curl extensions naturally lift heavy or droopy lids, giving clients a more youthful appearance. Monolid eyes benefit from the L Curl's crease definition and enhancement. Excellent retention and durability keep these lashes looking great.

Quick Facts:

  • Material: 100% Synthetic PBT Fibre
  • Pack size: 400 fans per tray
  • Thickness: 0.07
  • Lengths available: 8mm-14mm
  • Made (how produced): Handmade
  • Fan base: Heat pre-bonded, thin

How To Use

  1. Peel a strip of pre-made volume fans and attach it to a lash tile. Then, pick up an individual 6D volume fan.
  2. Pick up more lash adhesive then with hand made volume fans.
  3. Dip the base of the volume fan into adhesive, pick up slightly more adhesive then you normally do when using hand made volume fans
  4. Place onto the natural lash

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