About us

Flawless Lashes by Loreta is a multi-Award winning beauty company providing the highest quality lash products on the market, and operating one of the most detailed and highly-regarded training academies in the World.

Since founding Flawless Lashes in 2014, Loreta Jasilionyte has rapidly become recognised as one of the leading Master Lash Artists and innovators in the Lash industry, constantly pioneering new products and techniques.

Seven years on from starting Flawless Lashes, the brand now offers a thriving online retail sector; a worldwide wholesale distribution network; the Academy (and now The Academy online); as well as an ever-expanding trainer network operating under the brand umbrella.

Our clients tell us that the growing popularity of the range is because they want to work with award-winning products that they know they can rely on. We always give the best customer support and we provide an affordable, quality product. Both of these are important foundation values that enable the Company to deliver excellent results for our clients, in turn allowing entrepreneurial lash artists to generate profitable revenue for their businesses.

Meet Loreta Jasilionyte, CEO and founder of Flawless Lashes by Loreta

Loreta is one of the lash industry’s key experts and recognised trainers worldwide with a thriving retail network,  educators worldwide, distributors and thousands of women wearing her lashes across the globe, Loreta has built her successful leading lash empire in just a few years. 

From humble beginnings as a qualified midwife in Lithuania, Loreta transitioned her medical background and talents to the beauty world and has rapidly become a figurehead within the lash industry. After basic training, Loreta trained herself in Russian Volume lashes, her speciality. Her unique techniques that produced fail-safe results every time, propelled her popularity in the lash world. Loreta’s training career began organically, with lash artists frequently wanting to improve their skills, and learn more of her tips and styling secrets. To date, she has trained over 2000 students. 

Loreta’s tenacity is a key factor to her success and she strives to continue to grow her empire whilst educating future lash technicians across the globe.

“My emphasis is on creating products that will enable our clients to create ‘flawless masterpieces’ and provide the best care to maintain the healthy lashes of their clients".

Loreta’s & Brand accolades include:

Best Lash Beauty Products Supplier 2023 at Acquisition international awards, Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022 at HBA awards, winning the NALA Professional Integrity award, Best Lash Supplier, Academy, Customer Service for several years running, and being published in the first and third Lash Masters Books. winning the award for Best Academy UK and the award for Best Customer service, judging over 500 competitions, applying lashes for contestants on the X Factor and speaking at over 300 conferences to date.

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With an eye for spotting talent and her unparalleled techniques and education, Loreta founded her academy and has educated some of the leading trainers in well-respected lash corporations.

For Loreta, the eyes are the most important part of the face and thanks to her meticulous eye and close attention to detail, her impeccable products and highly coveted courses are always a guaranteed sell out. The Flawless Lashes by Loreta Academy takes its students through foundational to advanced lashing techniques, offering unrivalled teaching standards and lifetime student support. 

In 2020, the Academy expanded into online training. The online platform offers a lash and brow lift combination course, and advanced volume eyelash extension training, to the delight of those worldwide, who now have an accessible way to study Loreta’s techniques and training at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes.