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21 products

If you want your salon to be fully equipped and prepared to provide high-quality lash extension services, having a comprehensive assortment of lash extension tools is absolutely essential. Having the right tools at your disposal will not only make your work easier but also enable you to offer a wider range of services to your clients.

Our collection of lash supplies includes a range of top-quality eyelash extension tools, accessories, and equipment that can beautifully complement your Flawless products. As a lash technician, we understand the importance of being organised and having the right equipment to ensure the best possible experience for both you and your clients. Trust us to provide everything you need to make your lashing process smoother and more efficient.

What exactly are eyelash accessories?

Eyelash accessories refer to a range of tools and products that are used in the application, maintenance, and removal of eyelash extensions. These may include lash adhesives, lash extension trays, tweezers, lash brushes, eye pads and tapes, make-up, lash tiles, glue wipes, and other specialised tools.

These accessories are designed to make the process of applying and maintaining eyelash extensions easier and more efficient, and they can help lash technicians achieve a wide range of lash styles and looks. Eyelash accessories are an essential part of any lash technician's toolkit and are widely available from a variety of suppliers.

Is it necessary to use lash tools?

Yes, it is necessary to use lash tools when applying, maintaining, and removing eyelash extensions. Lash tools are specifically designed to make the process of working with eyelash extensions easier, more precise, and more efficient. They can help lash technicians achieve a wider range of lash styles and looks while also ensuring that the process is safe and comfortable for the client.

For example, specialised tweezers can help technicians pick up and place individual lash extensions with greater accuracy and control, while under-eye pads can protect the client's skin and prevent glue from getting into their eyes. Overall, the use of lash tools is essential for achieving high-quality and professional-looking lash extensions, and can help ensure a positive experience for both the technician and the client.

Which lash tools are the most essential for a lash technician?

From our accessories collection we would recommend to complete eyelash extensions treatment with the following tools::

Foam Cleanser - our Flawless foam cleanser sanitises the eye area, prolongs the longevity of lash extensions and refreshes the eye area. It improves and balances PH to suit lash extensions (PH7) to diminish the risk of eye irritation, as well as have no artificial colourants and a non-drying formula.

Crystal Glue Plate - the crystal glue plate is ideal to keep your adhesive cold and prevent from premature drying during eyelash treatment. It is also means glue is not as exposed to the elements or spreading fumes as much as other products, such as lash glue rings. To keep your crystal plate clean, it is best to use with micropore tape. This will let you keep your drop in place and also will protect the surface of the crystal plate.

Eyelash Extension Plate - eyelash extensions plate is just the right weight so when you peel your extensions from the strip and your lash palette stays in place. You will find conveniently placed on the acrylic palette a space for your disposable glue palette as well as holes for any micro swap brushes needed during the treatment. It can be used 2 ways, by applying the lashes on the curved part or on the acrylic palette directly.

Breathable Under Eye Tape - an alternative to micropore tape, this affectionately coloured pink tape is breathable and gentler on the skin during use and removal. Our tape is easy to tear without the need for scissors, and can be used to secure eye pads, but also alone for lifting eyelids, if you have problems applying eye pads. Breathable under eye tape is ideal for clients with very sensitive skin, or if allergic to eye pads. Minimal discomfort when removing from skin.

Why Flawless Lashes is the Best One-Stop-Shop for all lash things

Flawless Lashes is the best one-stop-shop for all lash things, including lash accessories, because of their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our extensive range of lash products is carefully curated and includes everything a lash technician needs to create stunning lash extensions, from high-quality adhesives and lashes to specialised tools and accessories.

What sets Flawless Lashes apart is our focus on innovation and ongoing product development. They are constantly researching and testing new materials and technologies to improve their products and provide the best possible results for their customers. They also offer a wide range of training and support resources, including online tutorials and in-person training courses, to help lash technicians improve their skills and grow their businesses.