Eyelash Extension Tweezers

11 products

11 products

Our range of professional eyelash extension tools provides a solution for every lash artist. Whether you're looking for classic lash tweezers to help you create the perfect shape or volume lash tweezers that will make it easier to apply lash extensions, we have everything you need. We offer only the highest-quality lash-tech tweezers, which means you can feel confident in making your clients happy.

Eyelash extension tweezers are the heart and soul of any lash artist's kit. They enable you to achieve the thick, full lashes that every client wants these days. If you're a lash artist, you know the importance of having the right lash tweezers set. There are many types of eyelash extension tweezers on the market, and choosing a pair that suits you best can be tricky. With our eyelash extension tweezers, you don't have to look anywhere else.

The importance of having right lash tweezers

Even though you might not realise it, the eyelash tweezers that come with your lash tweezers set are the most important tool in your lash profession.

The right pair of eyelash tweezers can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the appearance of your clients' eyelashes, and it is not just because they can help you get rid of those annoying rogue eyelashes! You will be able to give your eyelashes a natural curve and bring wild eyelashes under control if you have the right pair of tweezers.

If you want to be included on the list of the best lash artists possible, make sure you have the right eyelash tweezers. Our selection of the best eyelash tweezers will help you get on top of the lash industry.

How to choose the right tweezers for eyelash extensions?

After you have identified which tweezers suit your style of lashing, the best way to find the right tweezers for you, is to try a few different styles and shapes over a few days. The best lash tweezers especially volume eyelash extension tweezers are hand-made, there may be slight variations between them. It is always important to "play" with each pair of tweezers to find the best GRIP point!

Then stick to the ones that feel the most comfortable and easy to use. Once you've gained experience, you will know what shape and style of tweezers you enjoy working with. Tweezers are a matter of preference, as are lash artists' skills and the techniques they use, so if one type of tweezers works for others, it might not be your favourite!

At Flawless Lashes, you can take advantage of our two-week tweezer satisfaction guarantee. We will help you find the perfect tweezers or give you your money back.

What are the different types of eyelash tweezers?

Every lash artist can find the right pair of tweezers among our extensive selection. The Flawless Lashes tweezers range is made up of the following types: isolating, straight, and volume (J-shape, L-shape, and mega (coming soon)).

Isolating tweezers. Isolation tweezers separate natural lashes. Eyelash extensions require these tweezers. It's super important to have sharp isolating tweezers so you don't miss even "baby" lashes, and this way you can prevent "lash stickies," as lash artists say.

Straight tweezers. Straight tweezers can be used to isolate natural lashes, or some lash technicians use them to pick up individual classic lashes (called one-by-one lash application), which is not suitable for the volume lash extension technique!

Volume tweezers. Volume lash tweezers cleverly make it easier to create, fan out, pick up volume lash fans, and apply fans of very lightweight lashes for a full-looking finish. Volume tweezers are tapered and curved at the tip. There are different types of volume tweezers on the market: curved, L-shaped, 90-degree angle, 45-degree angle, etc., though the angle and shape may vary.

Mega volume tweezers. Mega volume lashing requires bigger tweezers. The foot-curved part of the tweezers (as we call them) must close tightly without excessive pressure! Flawless mega volume tweezers make it easier to form and apply mega volume lashes with ultra-fine lashes. Even 0.05 and 0.03 eyelash extensions can be picked up with precision by our Mega Volume Tweezers. Not only are our mega volume tweezers appropriate for mega volume, but so are our best-selling 90-degree volume lash tweezers.

How to take care of your lash tweezers?

To keep your tweezers in good condition and for general hygiene maintenance, tweezers must be disinfected after each use. We would recommend storing your tweezers on a tweezer stand after cleaning them. You should be careful not to drop your precious tweezers while applying them. Always put on the silicone tweezers tip cover if you need to stop the treatment.

Though barbicide is a requirement for best hygiene practise, we would not recommend leaving your tools in the solution for extended periods of time, as your tools can rust.

Benefits of using Flawless Lashes by Loreta lash tweezers

When it comes to eyelashes, there's a style for every need, preference, and technique. And while there are plenty of ways to get your lashes to look fierce, the best way is to learn from the master herself.

Flawless Lashes professional lash tweezers are a beneficial tool for lashing, as they have been designed and tested by Loreta and Flawless Lashes Master Lash Artists. Every pair of tweezers before going to the customers are double checked and tested. The range has been designed to:

  • Support 2D+ volume lash application, with exceptionally fine points for precision and accuracy.
  • Aid your comfort, safety and best work, as each style aims to eliminate finger, wrist, hand fatigue and strain.
  • All of our tweezers are corrosion-free and easy to clean.