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6 products

The growing popularity of L curl lashes can be attributed to the recent desire for dramatic and unique lash styles. Clients always want the latest lash style, but as a lash artist, you want to make sure you are providing a look that suits their eye shape too.

Have you got clients with heavy or droopy eyelids? Or maybe a client that wants a dramatic curl to give their eyes that face-lift look? Well, L curl lashes are here to save the day. With a soft, light and silky feel, L curl eyelash extensions are perfect for clients with naturally straight lashes or eyelashes that have a tendency to grow in a downwards direction.

What are L curl lash extensions?

L curl lash extensions are a step up from your D curl lash extensions. L curl lashes are eyelash extensions with a shorter and straighter base, but still a dramatic bend. This means the L Curl lash extensions bond better to the natural lash and will result in better retention.

These lashes are better than D curl lashes for clients with deep-set or hooded eyes, as they are more curled. This also makes L curl lash extensions very versatile, and cN be used for a multitude of lash styles. We think they look best when applied in a Cat or Kitten design, as they are perfect for creating a bold flick when applied to the outer eye.

Our L curl lash extensions are made from Polybutylene Terephthalate (or PBT for short). This polyester-based material is used in a wide variety of products and is ideal for creating that soft and silky lash effect.

What is the difference between L curl and LC curl lashes?

You may hear the names of lash curls L and LC, but not know the difference between or which one is best to use.

LC curl lash extensions are softer and have even more of a dramatic bend than the L curl. LC curl lash extensions will provide brilliant results for clients with very heavy eyelids, where other curls such as D or L might not show up. LC curls will also curve like a C-curl, as opposed to going straight up like their L curl counterpart.

It’s important to add that both L and LC curls have straight bases to provide a firm bond between the extensions, natural lashes and glue.

How to choose the right curl for eyelash extensions?

When choosing the right curl for eyelash extensions you need to consider these factors:

  • The current state of your client’s lashes. If you choose a lash extensions that are too thick or too long for their natural lashes to hold this is going to result in bad retention.
  • Your client’s eye shape? There are many different eye shapes from almond to wide set, so you want to provide an expertly created look that suits or sometimes corrects their features. Picking which eyelash extension is best to craft your desired look is an important part of the process.
  • The lash style your client is asking for. Often clients will come with images or references to what lash style they would like and if you have had good training you will be able to determine whether you are able to accommodate that based on those previous factors, what are their natural lashes like or their eye shape?

What the difference type of lash curl?

To find out what curl type you may need to suit your client’s eye shape or natural lashes, we have put together a simple explanation of each curl type:

B curl - B curl is a soft and simple curl that offers a subtle look. When used in short lengths this curl is great for the inner corner if the client's eyes are irritated easily or if they do not want to be able to feel the lashes against their skin. This curl is best used on upwards growing natural lashes.

C curl C curl is the most popular curl amongst us lash artists. C curl extensions still create a visible effect but are not as dramatic as the curl that follows, but are of course curlier than a B curl lash extension. This curl is recommended for upwards growing natural lashes.

CC curl CC curl extensions have been created as a middle ground between C and D curls, as they are curlier than C but not as curly as the dramatic D extension. This curl can be used to aid lashes that grow straight or in a downwards direction.

D curl D curl is a strong curl that is steadily growing in popularity. This curl type is very visible on the natural lash and gives the most dramatic open eye look. We recommend this curl for clients who want a full glam style lash set.

L curl L curl is named after its shape, as it has a straight base that flicks outwards, resembling the letter ‘L’. This curl helps add lift to client’s with heavy eyelids, monolids or natural lashes that grow downwards, where it might be hard to apply D or CC curls to, affecting their retention.

LC curl LC curl lashes still have a straight base, but do not point directly upwards, instead they curve like a C curl lash extension.

M curl One of the latest curls and a counterpart to the L curl. It has all the great attributes of L curl, such as shorter base for better retention on client’s with deep set eyes, but features a stronger curl pattern for a glamorous and dramatic effect.


What is the most commonly used eyelash extension curl?

C curl is the most common eyelash extension curl.

Can you use an eyelash curler on lash extensions?

No, we do not recommend using eyelash curlers on lash extensions or your natural lashes.

What curl is recommended for straight lashes?

CC curl is best for lashes that grow straight out.

What curl is recommended for curly lashes?

D curl is best for lashes that are naturally curly.