Beginner Volume Eyelash Training Course Online

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Experience the art of creating mesmerising eyes with our Online Beginner Volume Eyelash Course, exclusively designed for graduates of our Classic Individual Lash Extensions program.

Note: Also suitable for beginners looking to enhance their skills in volume eyelash extensions.

Course Description

Our Online Beginner Volume Eyelash Course is led by master lash trainer and esteemed Flawless Lashes founder, Loreta J., a globally acclaimed lash educator, this comprehensive course bears accreditation from both ABT and LashInc.

Gain proficiency in the delicate art of volume lash extensions through meticulous modules that encompass an array of vital topics.

How To Enroll

Enrolling is simple.

  1. A certification photo should be uploaded upon accessing the online platform after purchasing.
  2. Before placing an order, please be aware that this course is designed for lash extension artists with prior training.
  3. Follow the automatic account creation process from the emails sent, and upon account setup, submit the required details for approval by our dedicated team.

Fast Facts

  • Learn from a globally respected educator and esteemed lash judge
  • Receive a free kit valued at £183.00
  • Enjoy a 15% student discount for live sessions
  • Access mentoring beyond course completion
  • Attain an accredited certification
  • Each module contains between 4 to 11 sessions
  • Some sessions may be as brief as 10 minutes, but they hold the key to your mastery
  • Course duration: 6 months to submit case studies and access the online platform

Course Content

In this course, you will delve into:

  • Introduction to Volume Lash Extensions
  • Creating Perfect Volume Lash Fans
  • Several Volume Lash Techniques for Achieving Long-Lasting Lash Retention
  • Art of Lash Mapping for Stunning Lash Designs
  • Effective Treatment Preparation
  • Mastering the Application of Adhesives
  • Lash Styling for Mesmerising Looks
  • Understanding the Significance of Volume Lash Placement
  • Working with Pre-made Fan Lashes
  • Capturing Beautiful Lash Photos Using Your Phone
  • Comprehensive Exploration of Science-Based Theory
  • Infusion of Practical Tips, Always Prioritising Lash Health

Learning Format

The course is delivered through an immersive online platform and includes high-resolution videos with intricate close-ups and detailed insights. You'll learn everything from how to hold Volume tweezers and understand glue chemistry to mastering volume fan techniques and honing your styling and photography skills. The course also includes graphical aids for improved visual comprehension, and a detailed manual that comes with your kit helps you understand the theory.

Kit contents
  • Manual
  • Cosmetic Bag
  • Lash Tile
  • JetSet Pro Eyelash Adhesive
  • Tray of lashes - 0.07/C/Mixed (NEW - Thinner Fibre)
  • Tray of lashes - 0.05/CC/Mixed
  • Isolating Tweezers
  • Flawless Volume Tweezers 90
  • Foam Cleanser - Bottle
  • Disposable Lash Glue Palette x 1pcs
  • Luxury Brushes x 3
  • Hydrogel Eye Pads x 5 sheets
Rrefund policy

Enrolling in this course grants automatic access. Due to the instant availability of the distance learning materials and the inclusion of the course-related starter kit and bonuses, we regretfully cannot accommodate cancellations or refunds once the purchase is finalised and the kit has been shipped, or if the student has commenced the course.

Students are provided with a six-month window to submit their case studies and access the online learning platform, commencing from the date of purchase. Please note that sharing access with others will result in immediate removal from the course without eligibility for a refund.

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