Wet-Look Lashes: How to Create Them

The trend of wet-look lashes, often achieved through wet lash extensions, is rapidly gaining popularity. This style offers a glossy, dewy finish, suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to red carpet events.

The process involves applying extensions like the L-Curl Eyelash Extensions with a special technique, resulting in a shiny, wet appearance that enhances the eyes. To get this look, seek out a skilled technician who understands the unique application method, ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

What Are Wet Eyelash Extensions?

According to our educator Sinnaid, this is new style and big trend in lash industry. In fast growing lash market, lash designs change rapidly. Customers wants unique and simpler lash looks.

Wet eyelash extensions, which are also called "wet set lash extensions," are a specialized method. The natural eyelashes are put on top of these extensions, for example the M-Curl Eyelash Extensions, while they are still wet. In contrast to regular lash extensions, which dry to their natural state, wet lash extensions stay shiny and wet even after they become dry.

One thing that makes this style stand out is that it looks like mascara that has just been applied or eyelashes that have been wet. The procedure involves carefully applying each lash extension using a different adhesive. Compared to regular extensions, this one gives the eye area a look that is more shiny and reflective.

A skilled lash technician carefully attaches each extension to the natural lashes to create a sophisticated look that makes the eyes stand out. The extensions give the eyes a glossy, almost wet look. The end result is a beautiful and bright feature that can improve a wide range of fashion choices and events, giving them a unique look that stands out.

How Do You Make A Wet Set Look?

Each method requires careful application and might involve specific products or techniques to achieve the desired wet set look for lashes. The choice often depends on individual preferences and the expertise of the lash technician.

  • Closed Fans: It can be done this way as our educator Lucia advices. It's especially important to use closed fans. Apply primer/pre-treatment for a more natural look when working on extensions. However, caution is needed to avoid picking up too many lashes. It’s preferred using 3D or max 3D for this desired effect.
  • Wet Set Lash Extensions: Using specialized lash extensions and adhesive designed to create a glossy, wet appearance. These extensions retain a shiny finish, mimicking the look of wet or freshly applied mascara.
  • Glossy Coating: Applying a specialized coating or gloss over traditional lash extensions to achieve a wet, shiny effect. These coatings can be clear or tinted for different effects.
  • Mascara or Top Coat: Applying a water-resistant, glossy mascara or a lash top coat specifically formulated to provide a wet, shiny finish.
  • Lash Primer: Some lash primers, when applied sparingly, can create a slightly wet appearance by removing excess oil from the natural lashes, enhancing the grip of extensions.
  • Hybrid Techniques: Combining traditional lash extension methods with innovative application techniques to create a glossy, wet effect. This might involve different layering or placement methods.
  • Lash Styling Products: Using styling products specifically designed for lashes that offer a wet finish or enhance glossiness.

Who Are Wet-Look Lashes Suitable For?

Wet-look lashes are an ideal choice for individuals who have a taste for classic or hybrid styles yet desire to experiment with a more textured and slightly more dramatic appearance. They are most effective on individuals with lashes that are in reasonably good health and have a full lash density.

In instances where an individual possesses thin, fragile lashes or experiences significant gaps within their lash line, it is advisable to opt for traditional or fanned volume techniques rather than wet-look lashes, as the latter may not be the most suitable choice. The feeling of these lashes is not as smooth as that of conventional volume lashes.

Tips For The Application Of Wet-Look Lash Extensions

Applying wet-look lashes requires precision and care. Here are essential tips for a successful application:

  • Preparation is Key: Ensure the client's lashes are clean and dry before application. Oil or residue can hinder adhesion, affecting the glossy finish.
  • Expert Application: Seek a skilled technician experienced in applying wet-look lash extensions. Proper application is crucial for achieving the desired glossy effect.
  • Use Specialized Adhesive: The adhesive used for wet-look lashes is different. It’s formulated to maintain the glossy appearance. Using the right adhesive is critical.
  • Avoid Overuse of Products: Excessive primers or coatings can interfere with the glossy effect. Apply these products sparingly for optimal results.
  • Understand Maintenance: Educate clients on aftercare. Avoid oil-based products, excessive moisture, or rubbing the eyes, as these can affect the longevity of the wet look.
  • Regular Fills: Like traditional lash extensions, wet-look lashes need regular fills to maintain the desired effect. Encourage clients to follow up within the recommended time frame.
  • Consultation is Vital: Prior to application, discuss the client's expectations and ensure they understand the specific characteristics of wet-look lashes, setting realistic expectations.
  • Quality Products Matter: Invest in high-quality wet-look lashes and products. Cheaper or inferior quality items might compromise the glossy finish or pose allergic risks.
  • Follow-Up Care: Provide clients with a guide on maintaining the wet look, including cleaning and gentle care routines.

What Does Wet Lash Look Like With Mascara?

The wet lash look with mascara is presently a highly popular eyelash style that is in high demand among customers worldwide. It is achieved with mascara, which involves the application of a specific type of mascara that creates a glossy, wet effect on the lashes.

The wet mascara lash extensions are characterized by their resemblance to a set of voluminous lash extensions that have been moistened.

Contrary to their soft and fluffy appearance, mascara's wet-look lash extensions exhibit a spiky and textured characteristic. If one has not yet observed, there is a current trend in the popularity of textured lash extensions. The spiky appearance of the lashes is often perceived as aesthetically pleasing by a significant number of clients, as it closely resembles the appearance of striped lashes.

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